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Übersetzung & Definition

to pick up: auf-/hochheben, abnehmen
To pick up kann unterschiedlich verwendet werden:
Pick up the telephone! Geh ans Telefon! Nimm den Telefonhörer ab!
Pick up your clothes from the floor. Hebe deine Sachen vom Boden auf.
Philip picked up three girls at the bar last night. Gestern Abend gabelte Philip in der Bar drei Mädchen auf.
He picked up the check. Er übernahm die Rechnung.
to pick (someone) up (from the airport): (jemanden vom Flughafen) abholen
Can you pick the kids up from school? Kannst du die Kinder von der Schule abholen?
to pick up (something at the store): (etwas in einem Laden) besorgen
to pick (someone) up (in a bar): (jemanden in einer Bar) aufgabeln


  • "I'm sure you'll find the job as gratifying as I found picking up your soiled tissues and discarded chocolate wrappers for the past decade as your special assistant."
  • "(Philip ends the call and picks up the phone again)"
  • "If you pick up the paperclips off the floor, I'll help you sort these letters back into two piles."
  • "learn about the culture in this peaceful land and better pick up women if the"
  • "She's so awful that just the sight of her makes people scream. When I pick her up, people run out of the room. In my hands, this instrument can do more damage than a bazooka!"
  • "Subject: Insane Person in hospital - Please pick up!"
  • "Frank (Dispatcher) : "Pick-me-up" cabs, this is Frank."
  • "I need you this afternoon to run some errands, pick up my dry cleaning, and I have this weird rash that I need you to look at."
  • "I'm gonna pick you up, turn you on, keep you clean..."
  • "Besides, you said you would never pick up a tambourine again."

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