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Übersetzung & Definition

precisely: genau
That's precisely the point. Du hast genau den Punkt getroffen.
Is it 3:00 p.m.? -Precisely. Ist es drei Uhr? - Ja, genau drei Uhr.
precise: genau, exakt
precision: die Genauigkeit, die Präzision

Pronunciation examples
UK: Please tell me precisely why you want to join the circus.
US: I can't give you a precise answer: it's just a feeling I have.


  • "And carbon dating gives us a precise idea of when these beasts did actually exist."
  • "Miss Fiona Stake is an efficiency expert (a consultant to be precise), hired by Bruno at the request of several Delavigne Corp investors who are concerned about the efficiency of our staff."
  • "I'm calling an emergency meeting for tomorrow (Friday the 13th) first thing in the morning (8:15 am to be precise)."
  • "Moira : Speaking of Mexico, or more precisely the Gulf of Mexico, an earthquake struck the west coast of central Florida last night."
  • "Sheriff Joan Wayne to be precise."
  • "Janine : Precisely Brent."
  • "I'm here because two European tourists - Dutch to be precise - have been taken hostage by pirates."

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