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Übersetzung & Definition

PS (postscriptum or postscript): PS (post-scriptum)


  • "The time for action is nigh! PS."
  • "PS why are you "SHOUTING"?"
  • "PS: You'll all need to sign waivers agreeing not to sue if you get hurt or die."
  • "P.S. I get Bruno's office!"
  • "P.S. Just to be clear: Mandatory, unpaid holiday."
  • "P.S. You can ignore the last section... that's for a personal project I'm working on!"
  • "Can't wait to get you greased up and in front of the camera! PS."
  • "P.S. Who won?"
  • "P.S. It's not Hubert's liver we will eat, but the liver of a goose."
  • "PS: I've also lost my sense of smell again."

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