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Übersetzung & Definition

to scare (someone): (jemanden) ängstigen, jemandem Angst einjagen
The movie really scared me. Der Film hat mir wirklich Angst eingejagt.
to give somebody a scare: jemandem einen Schrecken einjagen
to be scared (of something): (vor etwas) Angst haben
I am scared of sea cucumbers. Ich habe Angst vor Seegurken.
You look scared. Sie sehen verängstigt aus.
scary: Furcht erregend
She has a very scary face! Sie hat ein sehr furchterregendes Gesicht!

Pronunciation examples
UK: Are you scared of spiders?
US: I saw a very scary horror film the other day.


  • "You are scaring them."
  • "I'm not scared for myself of course - I'm standing behind 3 layers of bulletproof glass in my very own Brent-Mobile, inspired by the Pope's vehicle."
  • "Democracy has already been to Kazakhstan, and England is a scary, undeveloped country that we should avoid at all costs."
  • "The world is full of people who are too scared to take chances."
  • "and you never wore clothes, it was scary..."
  • "Bruno : No, you're scared?"
  • "No, I am scared for the people of this nation, and others across the planet."
  • "Eccentric interviewer, scared of mice"
  • "The possibility of a Brexit - an exit for Britain from the European Union - is very real, and frankly I'm scared."

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