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Übersetzung & Definition

sensitive: feinfühlig bzw. empfindlich
Icarus can be a little too sensitive sometimes. Icarus ist manchmal ein bisschen zu empfindlich.
sensitivity: das Zartgefühl, die Empfindlichkeit

Pronunciation examples
UK: You shouldn't eat ice cream if you have sensitive teeth!
US: He handled my case with great sensitivity.


  • "Mr Delavigne is very sensitive about his weight."
  • "And I also told you how sensitive Brian is."
  • "She will be visiting our offices on Friday, September 24 to conduct a Technology Sensitivity Seminar, which will be mandatory for all staff members."
  • "Delunatik (Luna DeLune) says : You're going to have to be sensitive."
  • "I know it is a sensitive subject for you."
  • "I have some rather, um, sensitive operations that require a certain discretion, if you know what I mean?"
  • "My PC contains files that are of a sex - sex - sensitive nature!"
  • "This is a sensitive topic, and I don't want anyone's feelings to get hurt... especially mine."
  • "He seems like a very sensitive fellow, not to mention how fit he is!"
  • "Bruno, aside from the fact that you sign my paycheck, I think you are smart, sensitive and kind."

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