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Übersetzung & Definition

to ship (something): einschiffen, etwas verschiffen, etwas verschicken
Your order has already been shipped. Ihre Bestellung ist schon verschickt worden.
shipping: der Versand, die Verfrachtung, das Schiffswesen
Shipping wird auch als Adjektiv benutzt:
Shipping charges Transportkosten
a shipping company eine Schiffsgesellschaft, eine Transportgesellschaft
a ship: ein Schiff

Pronunciation examples
UK: I can't afford to pay for a flight so I am shipping myself to China.
US: I wanted to join the navy but ended up working in shipping.


  • "The psychopath probably ordered on Friday afternoon, and it wasn't shipped until Monday."
  • "The ship's internet is broken."
  • "Those are low estimates, but that puts us roughly at 1.8 million USD, without any shipping and labor costs."
  • "All orders placed before January 31st receive free shipping and a collector's edition refrigerator magnet!"
  • "The only problem is the shipping."
  • "(*) Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com will ship one refrigerator magnet per order while supplies last."
  • "I'm just looking at the shipping schedule."
  • "-Buy back 5,000 unsold units from Sheik Jafar's Perfume Conglomerate (Shipped in June) at their retail price of $65 per unit ($325,000)"
  • "-Buy back 10,000 unsold units from Warbuckle's Department stores (Shipped in May) at their retail price of $69 per unit ($690,000)"
  • "I'm shipping up to Boston"

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