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Übersetzung & Definition

(Yours) Sincerely (ending a letter): Mit freundlichen Grüßen (am Ende eines Briefes)
sincerely: aufrichtig, ergebenst

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm sincerely sorry to hear your sad story.
US: I always end my letters with "yours sincerely, Susie".


  • "Sincerely Kevin James Connors"
  • "We sincerely hope that your stay at the Center for Rest and Peace is going tranquilly, and that you are enjoying the myriad rewards of our relaxing retreat."
  • "I sincerely want to help people overcome the difficulties they encounter in today's complex world of cosmetics."
  • "Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I sincerely hope that one of your resolutions for the new year is to be less of a jerk."
  • "Yours sincerely Brad Slick"
  • "Sincerely Bruno Delavigne"
  • "Sincerely Edward Moon"
  • "Sincerely Mei-Tsing Lee"
  • "I am sincerely pleased with your progress throughout our sessions."
  • "Sincerely Polly Watson"

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