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Übersetzung & Definition

a skill: eine Fähigkeit, ein Geschick, eine Qualifikation
Success depends on skill and hard work. Erfolg hängt von Geschick und harter Arbeit ab.
Philip Cheeter has remarkable skill with the ladies. Philip Cheeter hat eine bemerkenswerte Gewandtheit im Umgang mit Frauen.
skilled: qualifiziert, geschickt, sachkundig, erfahren
He is a skilled carpenter. Er ist ein erfahrener Schreiner.

Pronunciation examples
UK: My many skills include reciting the alphabet backwards.
US: Horatio is highly skilled with a machete.


  • "Graduated summa cum laude SKILLS"
  • "I am shocked and appalled by your filthy mouth and mediocre tambourine skills."
  • "As our office is full of creative people, the marketing department wanted to offer the first crack at this jingle to any musicians who want to show off their musical skills!"
  • "Bruno trained his interpretation skills on basic animals at first."
  • "Things we DO take into account: Employment history and experience (including references), performance, academic record, competences (knowledge, skill, and abilities), suitability for the job in question."
  • "Joining us is a very special guest, who will test THX-1134's sales skills."
  • "Basic computer skills necessary."
  • "Narrator : Bruno eventually perfected his skills of interpretation until he was ready to take on the ultimate challenge: the dolphin."
  • "Here in Electric Ladyland we are dedicated to the art of satisfaction, and we are skilled in bringing enjoyment to all."
  • "Circus skills"

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