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Übersetzung & Definition

the soap: die Seife
Soap is considered an uncountable noun, and is generally preceded by "some" or "any", however when referring to a bar of soap, the article "a" can be used:
Could you get me some soap at the store? Könntest du mir Seife aus dem Geschäft holen gehen?
a bar of (clover) soap: ein Stück (Klee-) Seife


  • "Soppy Soaps Inc."
  • "Wash them with soap!"
  • "I remind you that your company, Soppy Soaps, owes The Delavigne Corporation a total of $178,921 for this order."
  • "Sugar 'n' Spice Soap Bar"
  • "I'm washing them - with soap."
  • "Employee : French Onion Soap!"
  • "Wash them again with soap!"
  • "Following your demand for payment which I received this morning, please find enclosed a transfer order for the three shipments totaling 520 Delavigne "Sugar "n" Spice" soap bars, with invoices dated May 2nd, 18th, and 30th."

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