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Übersetzung & Definition

somewhere: irgendwo


  • "There must be a pharmacy somewhere in the airport: buy yourself one of those inflatable travel pillows and some sleeping pills."
  • "Why don't you try somewhere like Melbourne?"
  • "Somewhere in London, I think."
  • "We can stick the barbie in the truck and go somewhere interesting!"
  • "I understand that we make this perfume in some obscure country, somewhere called... Wales?"
  • "How about we break for this morning and continue over lunch and drinks somewhere?"
  • "I'm sending over some of Edward Moon's hair, and, well, you already have my DNA on file somewhere, I suppose."
  • "Edward, why don't you just disinfect the phones and uh, go somewhere else."
  • "He's trying to hit the ball somewhere where it won't be caught."

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