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Übersetzung & Definition

to sponsor: sponsern
We've finally found somebody to sponsor us. Wir haben endlich einen Sponsor gefunden.
a sponsor: ein Sponsor
We already have over 30 sponsors. Wir haben bereits über 30 Sponsoren.


  • "Sponsors of Chinese women's handball team. 51% shares owned by Wang family)"
  • "Warbuckle's Department Stores is sponsoring a Zambian gold mine, and will provide free education for all miners under 10 years old."
  • "Sponsoring the female Olympic beach volleyball team."
  • "Bruno : Well I am not sure, I am already sponsoring a dodgeball team this year but I have always wanted to get into the movie business."
  • "For example, in 2006, the company sponsored the planting of thousands of trees to compensate for carbon emissions caused by our activities."
  • "I am very lucky to be sponsored by this company, but many strangers would like to live in this country permanently and legally."
  • "I will not bow to any sponsor."
  • "This e-mail is just to let you know that I'll be conducting telephone interviews with the candidates for the "Xavier Delavigne Friends of France" internship program tomorrow morning (the program that sponsors a French student to work at Delavigne for the summer)."
  • "I'll be back after a word from our sponsors."
  • "We'll be back after a word from our sponsors, You're listening to... Brent?"

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