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Übersetzung & Definition

a stapler: ein Hefter, ein Tacker
Did you steal my stapler again? Hast Du wieder meinen Hefter geklaut?
the staples die Heftklammern
to staple: klammern, zusammenheften
Could you staple these contracts together for me? Könnten Sie diese Verträge für mich zusammenheften?
a staple (diet): Grund(nahrung)


  • "On the other hand, if the company would like to reimburse me for this expense, I would be willing to share the stapler with the rest of the staff."
  • "I also did a lot of stapling and faxing."
  • "I'm here to talk about "Fish and Chips", one of the staples of British cuisine."
  • "I wanted to inform you that I went to the store the other day and bought myself a new stapler."
  • "I do a lot of stapling."
  • "As an accountant, I deal with many papers, and I fear that my office would become a real mess without the presence of a stapler."
  • "Subject: My Red Stapler"
  • "In short, if the company could reimburse me the cost of the stapler, I would appreciate it."

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