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(the Delavigne Corporation's) stocks: Aktien (der Delavigne Corporation, Aktiengesellschaft)
a stock (of products): ein Lager, ein Vorrat (von Produkten)
Delavigne stock has risen considerably since 1993. Die Delavigne-Aktie ist seit 1993 beträchtlich angestiegen.
Bruno has a portfolio of profitable stocks and bonds. Bruno hat einen sehr rentables Portfolio von Aktien und Anleihen.


  • "Mr. Wang : Yes gentlemen, unless we come to an arrangement right away, I will own enough stock in your companies to have a controlling interest by the market's close tomorrow night!"
  • "Well at least I'll have my stocks, and a signed photograph of Judy Garland."
  • "Your contribution is currently divided into a portfolio of American mutual funds, stocks and bonds."
  • "Here is a brief summary of the supplementary charges we are currently paying to our bank Huckster and Hoodwink: wire and stock transaction fees, telephone consultation fees, online banking fees, and service charges on all of our accounts."
  • "Bill : Believe me, this stock is hot!"
  • "Delavigne stock has gained three points over the last four weeks."
  • "Wang has controlling share of stocks, sits on board of directors, run by Fang."
  • "I don't buy stocks over the phone."
  • "I bought some stock in the company, Luigi's Pizza Incorporated."
  • "The stock is going to triple in a few weeks."

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