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Übersetzung & Definition

the terms (of a contract): die Konditionen (eines Vertrages)
to come to term an das Ende einer Frist kommen
to come to terms (with something) sich (etw.) ergeben, resignieren
a University term ein Universitätssemester
terms of endearment ein Kosename
a term (in politics): eine Amtszeit (in der Politik)
a term (in language): ein Begriff, ein Ausdruck
short-term, medium-term, long-term: kurzfristig, mittelfristig, langfristig


  • "Of the many trendy movements gaining popularity within elitist circles, the "local food" movement may have the most momentum. The term describes the growing preference of some consumers to eat only locally or regionally-produced food rather than food which has traveled great distances before arriving on their plate."
  • "Those are our terms."
  • "The preferred term is "gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender"."
  • "Still, Miracle Juices' founders, Bruno Delavigne and Horatio Oléré, have refused to accept the initial terms of the offer, leading to prolonged bargaining sessions behind closed doors."
  • "Is that a motoring term?"
  • "I accept your terms."
  • "You of all people should know that "Indian giver" isn't an acceptable term."
  • "Are we willing, to accept the terms and conditions of our arrangement?"
  • "Lawyer : Uh, Mr. Capone, for legal purposes, I'd like you to refrain from using the term "gangster" to describe yourself."
  • "Managers come in many different shapes and forms. There are many types of managers and many different terms that describe different managers."

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