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Übersetzung & Definition

a thing: eine Sache
The last thing we would want is to lose this client's business. Das Letzte, das wir uns wünschten, ist diesen Kunden zu verlieren.

Pronunciation examples
UK: The best thing about France is the pains au chocolat.
US: What's that strange thing over there?


  • "Hannah : There is just one thing."
  • "That's also a fun thing to do."
  • "My thing is chemistry."
  • "Peter : What thing, Fat Face?"
  • "And that's when things got really interesting."
  • "The most important things in the world are family and respect...and to a lesser extent money and drugs."
  • "Fat Face Sal : You know...the thing, down at the airport, with the you know... the robbery!"
  • "I hope that you have learned many things and meditated in many uncomfortable postures."
  • "Headlines, headlines, believing the things that we read"
  • "This here is going to be your crew for the thing we're gonna do tomorrow."

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