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Übersetzung & Definition

throughout (the conversation): während (der Unterhaltung)
Philip was trying to hit on Susie throughout the evening. Philip hat den ganzen Abend über versucht Susie anzumachen.
(There are flowers) throughout (the garden): (Es gibt) überall (Blumen im Garten)

Pronunciation examples
UK: Philip was trying to hit on Susie throughout the evening.
US: There are flowers throughout the garden.


  • "I want to congratulate you both for your spirited comments and exhaustive research throughout this debate."
  • "I am sincerely pleased with your progress throughout our sessions."
  • "Although the bathroom isn't accessible from either bedroom, the apartment is painted pink, yellow and pale blue throughout."
  • "This list will be posted throughout the office"
  • "He has spearheaded countless fundraising efforts for non-profit organizations throughout the city."
  • "After Christmas, I shall be putting recycling bins throughout the office, in order to recycle what is left of your gift wrapping and Christmas cards."
  • "Sleep needs vary from person to person, and change throughout the life cycle."
  • "It would also be a good idea to place recycling bins throughout the office, because even though Christmas is a time of giving, it is also a time of recycling."

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