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Übersetzung & Definition

to assume: annehmen, etw. vermuten
I assume that you looked over the files before coming to today's meeting? Ich nehme an, dass Sie die Unterlagen durchgesehen haben, bevor Sie zum heutigen Meeting gekommen sind?
to assume (responsibility): (die Verantwortung) übernehmen
Bruno assumes all financial responsibility for the company. Bruno übernimmt die volle finanzielle Verantwortung für das Unternehmen.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I assumed all responsibility for losing the contract.
US: I assume that's why you were fired.


  • "I assume you'll want to order 100,000 units?"
  • "So I assume you'll be taking more this time."
  • "So, I'll just assume that you'll follow me as I walk out the door."
  • "I assume you received my e-mail?"
  • "I assume you both want to go?"
  • "I assume the government doesn't give the elderly a very generous pension, right?"
  • "Virtually unbreakable, so should be a worthwhile investment (assuming our workers don't steal them to wear as sunglasses)."
  • "Am I correct in assuming that you want to retain my services for the resolution of this... incident."
  • "My future plans are to leave the city as soon as possible, assume a new identity and start a new life in a murder-free area."
  • "And the beauty of this song is - in case it wins me any bonus points - you can also use it for New Year too, which I assume I'll also be spending alone."

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