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Übersetzung & Definition

to chat: plaudern, sich unterhalten
a chat: eine Unterhaltung, eine Plauderei, ein Plausch
to have a chat plaudern


  • "TripleD (Donna Donovan) has left the chat"
  • "You're currently using Skyte right now to chat with me."
  • "Susie loves it when I come by for my little chats, right, Mamacita?"
  • "Xavier : Anyway, Michael's not here to chat."
  • "It shows that we're really getting somewhere if you're benefiting from our little chats."
  • "Assistant4life (Polly Watson) has left the chat"
  • "Anyway I can't stand around here chatting all day."
  • "And right now since you are calling me on my home phone line and these are not office hours, I should tell you that this pleasant little chat we're having is costing you triple my normal rate."
  • "We chatted briefly about paperclips (and other stationery) before moving on to an in-depth discussion about world financial markets."
  • "You chat online?"

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