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Übersetzung & Definition

to run (a business, a company): (ein Unternehmen) leiten, (ein Geschäft) führen
My cousin runs a small surf shop in Santa Cruz. Mein Cousin leitet ein kleines Surfgeschäft in Santa Cruz.
to run (a test): (einen Test) machen
The doctor has to run a few tests before I can leave the hospital. Der Doktor muss erst noch ein paar Tests machen, bevor ich das Krankenhaus verlassen kann.


  • "It would seem that Bruno Delavigne is hardly fit to run a company."
  • "Discount cosmetic products, run by a crazy guy, something like that?"
  • "Wang has controlling share of stocks, sits on board of directors, run by Fang."
  • "For example, what if I told you that I was an anarchist who believes that government should be abolished and the country should be run by militias?"
  • "Wang owns 51% of the shares, run by older brother Kwon)"
  • "The takeover was an unexpected blow to the family-run business that could mark the end of a century of locally-tailored Italian couture."
  • "He and his partner ran a solid business."
  • "A British bank is run with precision."
  • "Make it quick, I've got an army to run!"
  • "Listen to this quote: "Bruno Delavigne is hardly fit to run a company."

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