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Übersetzung & Definition

a pair of trousers: ein Paar Hosen
Donald, where are your trousers? Donald, wo ist deine Hose?


  • "Must get to the dance floor... play with a snake, put on trousers, photocopy Philip's butt."
  • "What's more, you still have a full head of hair and the slimmest trousers in the whole building."
  • "Detectives have not made any connection between the trousers and the assault, and are still looking for clues."
  • "Edward : I think I've left it in my other trousers."
  • "Edward Marley : Well, you could lose your health, you could lose your soul, you could lose your reputation, you could lose your trousers, you could lose your fortune..."
  • "I have managed to smuggle some of my favorite French foods through customs, including a very smelly camembert that I have kept in my trousers."
  • "And what is that girl doing with your trousers on her head?"
  • "I'm going to ask you to drop your trousers now, mmkay?"
  • "I won't be wearing a tie due to this afternoon's mishap, but you should be able to recognize me from the flower and the bloodstains on my trousers."
  • "Now please remove your trousers... oh, I see they're already off."

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