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Übersetzung & Definition

a tube (of toothpaste): eine (Zahnpasta-) Tube
the Tube: die Londoner U-Bahn
The London Underground metro system is often referred to as "the Underground" or "the Tube".


  • "Brian : So Bruno, this is the famous tube: The London Underground."
  • "Cases for our lipstick, and tubes for hair care products."
  • "We are looking for some durable plastic containers and jars, cases for our lipstick, and tubes for hair care products."
  • "You see, I live in the United States, or "the colonies" as one person told me in the metro, or should I say "the tube"?"
  • "Host : I am the tubes which carry blood around the body and to the heart."
  • "No, I just ordered a tube of skin cream on your website, and it hasn't arrived yet."

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