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Übersetzung & Definition

(I've already called) twice: (ich habe schon) zweimal (angerufen)


  • "Furthermore, Edward Moon, who was fired twice in the span of 3 hours yesterday, is not technically an employee!"
  • "The chef is a maniacal tyrant and requires that we wash our hands at least twice per day."
  • "I've already been burnt at least twice by once-in-a-lifetime opportunities."
  • "Hannah : Wait, so are you telling me that you nap twice per day, every day?"
  • "Yes, twice."
  • "Philip : Thank you loyal subjects, I hope you enjoyed your new national anthem. Don't worry, you'll going to hear it again, every morning, every afternoon, and twice every night."
  • "Bark once for "yes" and twice for "no"."
  • "That would be silly to eat breakfast twice."
  • "Horatio : Twice?"
  • "Miss Stake : According to your itinerary, you've been to Europe twice in the last three months, and you travel regularly to both New York and Los Angeles."

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