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Übersetzung & Definition

(Bruno) used to (smoke): (Bruno) hatte die Angewohnheit (zu rauchen)
modal auxiliary
There used to be a movie theater here. Früher gab es hier ein Kino.
How did Bob use to look in the seventies? Wie sah Bob in den 70er Jahren aus?
I used to (have hair): Früher hatte ich (Haare)
modal auxiliary


  • "The British Government department I used to work for really wasn't the place for stress heads: it was all about keeping your cool!"
  • "I would like to share with you a traditional French song that my mother used to sing to me to make me sleep."
  • "Philip : I used to love that show!"
  • "Doris used to be an excellent worker: punctual, efficient and a talented maker of coffee PERIOD."
  • "Bruno : Ma'am, my family used to own this house 40 years ago."
  • "My grandmother used to take me there when I was little."
  • "I'm good in a crisis, after all I used to work the suicide hotline."
  • "He used to work with the British government, and I'm very happy to have him working with us."
  • "Bruno : Madam, my family used to own this house 40 years ago."
  • "Icarus : Well, the pension procedure here in the US is quite different from what you're used to in Europe."

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