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Übersetzung & Definition

violent: gewalttätig, brutal
violently: gewalttätig


  • "That song is so violent!"
  • "Hannah : If you think I'm going to such a violent spectacle, you must be joking."
  • "Philip Cheeter said he decided to become king after reading the Peacenikland Times and discovering that the country was "full of non-violent wimps"."
  • "Olaf: : It sounds very very violent."
  • "I thought you people were non-violent!"
  • "Lucie : Yes Philip, but isn't it true that you had a violent verbal confrontation with Stink?"
  • "Chaos and violent movements"
  • "There are many wide-open spaces in the park, so we can change into our shorts and play some non-contact, non-violent sports like frisbee or softball."
  • "Every passenger on this plane who had fish for dinner will become violently ill in the next half hour."

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