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Übersetzung & Definition

to waive: aufgeben, verzichten, erlassen
I will not waive my right to consult a lawyer. Ich werde nicht auf mein Recht verzichten, einen Anwalt zu konsultieren.
a waiver: ein Verzicht, ein Erlass
a visa waiver eine Visumsbefreiung
waived: aufgegeben, verzichtet

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm afraid I can't waive the fine for you this time.
US: I need you to sign this waiver in order to protect us.


  • "Plus we'd have to sign waivers and liability forms, probably have to get malaria shots for Ms. Bümbüm and her entourage...it will be a logistical nightmare!"
  • "As a gesture of goodwill, and to show you how much I appreciate your business, I have waived the fee for the initial 2 minute and 30 second phone call with Mr Quincy."
  • "At the very least, the service and transaction fees should be waived immediately."
  • "Should any submissions be accepted for the ad, a waiver must be signed by the artist giving the company rights to feature it."
  • "They have agreed to waive the supplementary fees on all of your future transactions, and reimburse you retroactively for all charges incurred over the last 12 months."
  • "We'll need a table for 6, and you'll need to sign these waivers."
  • "PS: You'll all need to sign waivers agreeing not to sue if you get hurt or die."

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