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Übersetzung & Definition

to waste: verschwenden, verbrauchen
We're wasting time. Wir verschwenden Zeit.
Time's wasting! Die Zeit rennt davon! Wir verlieren Zeit!
(toxic) waste: die (giftigen) Abfälle
a waste (of time): eine (Zeit-) Verschwendung

Pronunciation examples
UK: You're wasting your time trying to convince me.
US: The death of those young people was such a waste.


  • "I, for one, will never ever consider wasting my money on one of these e-book devices."
  • "In Germany, we have installed colored rubbish bins that contain different types of waste products."
  • "I maintain the balance of fluid in the body by removing waste from the blood and excreting it as urine."
  • "You're going to waste the batteries."
  • "This is very important as I plan to cultivate fruits and vegetables and compost my waste."
  • "Please allow me to respond to your question with a few questions of my own: why on earth are we wasting valuable work time by addressing such a completely ridiculous issue?"
  • "Ursula : And are you sorting your waste?"
  • "It's 5AM and daylight's wasting!"
  • "Johns, who has been widely criticised for wasting money on the album, responded to critics yesterday, saying: "You're just jealous because you can't afford to have the Queen of England rap on one of your songs."

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