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Übersetzung & Definition

Whatever (happens...): Was auch immer (passiert...)
Whatever happened (to politeness)?: Wo ist nur (die Höflichkeit) geblieben?
(-Coffee or tea?) -Whatever!: (Kaffee oder Tee?) - Egal!
(-I'm the president of Thailand!) -Yeah, whatever: (-Ich bin der Präsident von Thailand!) - Ja, klar doch!
Give him whatever he needs.: Geben Sie ihm, was auch immer er braucht.


  • "Philip : Okay! Whatever."
  • "Bring me whatever is left of your plant and I'll help you choose a new one."
  • "Philip : Fine, whatever."
  • "Philip : They can call me whatever they like."
  • "Whatever you do, don't mention any pregnancy issues, or you could get DC into serious trouble."
  • "I can sell them for whatever I want!"
  • "Brent : Oh, whatever."
  • "Philip : Whatever, losers."
  • "Good luck in piecing them together and ultimately choosing the most suitable candidate for the job (whatever it is)."

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