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Übersetzung & Definition

While (I was sleeping...): während (ich schlief...)
In British English, whilst is often used in place of "while".
While he presented an impressive CV, he did not do very well in the interview. Obgleich er einen beeindruckenden Lebenslauf vorlegte, hat er mich während des Bewerbungsgesprächs nicht überzeugt.
Can you wait for me while I get a few things from the store? Kannst du auf mich warten, während ich ein paar Dinge im Geschäft besorge?
While (on the building site, be very careful): (Seien sie sehr vorsichtig,) während (sie sich auf der Baustelle befinden)
(to wait for) a while: eine Weile (warten)
It's been a while since I last heard from you. Ich habe seit einer Weile nichts mehr von dir gehört.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Whilst you're up, would you mind making me a cup of tea?
US: I cut my chin while shaving this morning.


  • "Plus you keep yelling "man overboard" while using the toilet."
  • "Horatio : Do you know who is feeding my monkeys while we're gone?"
  • "I'm sitting in Mr. Warbuckle's golf cart, while he drives me around the ranch."
  • "while children like dogs because they often solve mysteries in a large van in cartoons."
  • "My father once said, a dying British man will shoot you while you're trying to rob an airport."
  • "Greenzo: Saving the earth while maintaining profitability."
  • "Bruno saw his first dolphin at the age of 13, while surfing in the Pacific."
  • "While other airlines set ticket prices for their flights, Mile High Airways has devised a new pricing strategy called "Fare's fair"."
  • "At the same time, Philip developed a talent for sales while travelling door to door with his father and selling first hot dogs, then toasters, and eventually insurance policies."
  • "For those of you just tuning in, it was reported that the eccentric perfume magnate was piloting a hot air balloon while drunk when he lost control of the machine."

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