Frantastique Reviews: Luis G. (Miami, UNITED STATES)

Erfahrungsbericht von Luis G

Unsere Lerner*innen berichten Hier berichten Personen aus der ganzen Welt von ihren Erfahrungen mit unseren Kursen. Erzählen Sie uns gern von Ihren!

As a professional symphony musician, it is not unusual for me to work with people who come from different countries. Frantastique and Wunderbla have helped me to learn about other cultures and to communicate easily with friends and colleagues. Specifically in my work with our opera company, a new world has opened up for me because I can understand without having to resort to subtitles.Hopefully, other languages will be added soon to the list. Merci beaucoup und vielen Dank!

— Luis G. (Miami, UNITED STATES)