Frantastique Reviews: Jayne M. (Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM)

Erfahrungsbericht von Jayne M

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I learned French in school and liked it immediately. Then I was sent on holiday to France with my parents at age 16, and I booked us our hotel rooms as my parents didn't speak a word. Then years later, I worked in an export office and my kind French manager gave me online French lessons so I could speak to the French customers. Years later again, I divorced and I met a French man! Now I am learning again with gusto so that I can converse with his family. Frantastique is really fun and I look forward to the exercises. I try so hard to get 100% but not yet - however I don't know everything yet, do I? So, thanks so much Frantastique team.

— Jayne M. (Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM)