Frantastique Reviews: Elena F. (Buenos Aires,, ARGENTINA)

Erfahrungsbericht von Elena F

Unsere Lerner*innen berichten Hier berichten Personen aus der ganzen Welt von ihren Erfahrungen mit unseren Kursen. Erzählen Sie uns gern von Ihren!

I was 5 when I started my story with the Frenchman. I started learning in the Externat de la Assomption de Buenos Aires school. I still remember after so many years the prayer Je vous salue Marie. When I heard it sung by the French during the Notre Dame fire it was very exciting for me. In high school I took private lessons with a French Mademoiselle who tried to keep the group of young people quiet while teaching us by making us repeat to memorize it. I remember fragments of poetry that I liked so much. Years passed and I wanted to take back the beautiful language that I had forgotten. I attended the French Alliance of Lima, Peru where I lived. That time I got to speak fluently. When I traveled to France, I could communicate in your language. Now with Frantastique with much effort on my part and theirs, the Frenchman returned to be part of my life. I think the personalized corrections and the good level of the lessons are very important.

— Elena F. (Buenos Aires,, ARGENTINA)