Frantastique Reviews: Maria Helena N. (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)

Erfahrungsbericht von Maria Helena N

Entdecken Sie, warum unsere Nutzer ihre Sprachkenntnisse verbessern möchten und welche Erfahrungen sie mit unseren Kursen gemacht haben.

I have studied French since I was a teenager, but lately I felt a little rusty. I tried other online courses, which were ok, but, for some reason, I just kept forgetting to do my lessons. Once a month I would remember and then spend hours and hours studying, to forget again the next day, till the next month. I think this is because the course, though good, was very conventional and unappealing. Then I came across Frantastique, by chance. It was such a nice surprise. To receive the brief lessons in my phone/e-mail five days a week makes all the difference. The contents are so fun, so grown-up, so "everyday life"... Nowadays I look forward to receiving each lesson. Thank you!

— Maria Helena N. (Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL)