Gymglish Reviews: Frédéric F. (Dubaï/, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

Erfahrungsbericht von Frédéric F

Entdecken Sie, warum unsere Nutzer ihre Sprachkenntnisse verbessern möchten und welche Erfahrungen sie mit unseren Kursen gemacht haben.

I'm French and 2 years ago I got the opportunity to work in Dubaï. I'm a technical director for a team of 50 people and my English was very poor. I decided to learn and like everybody I took classic lessons with a teacher, but following a group of people with different levels and staying focused on your seat for 2 hours after a day of work was very difficult. After few failed attempts, I tried "Gymglish" and since last year I see clear difference in my level and it's the first time I take real pleasure starting my lesson every day. Best regards

— Frédéric F. (Dubaï/, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)