A check

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a check (US), a cheque (UK): ein Scheck
Can you write me a check? Können Sie mir einen Scheck ausstellen?

to check: kontrollieren, überprüfen, checken, untersuchen

the check (for the meal) (US): die Rechnung


  • "Accounts Receivable are letters from people who owe us money – they might include checks, or requests to have payments deferred."
  • "I need to check with the wife, I'll keep you posted"
  • "Curiously, the security didn't check them. I would love to share these special foods, wines and odors with you."
  • "I'll just check with the boys down at the crime lab."
  • "Stroller? Check. Bottle of 24-year-old Scotch?"
  • "Let me just check on the computer."
  • "I know you don't check your e-mails, so you wouldn't have received the message I sent you last week."
  • "Stuffed animal? Check. Diapers?"
  • "I'm here to check into the crazy house."
  • "Diapers? Check. Stroller?"

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