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absolutely: absolut, durchaus, völlig

absolute: absolut, völlig
adjective, noun


  • "Scott : Absolutely."
  • "
    Susie: Other messages like marriage proposals, wire transfers from Nigerian princes, and absolutely all mails from Philip Cheeter, I mark as SPAM or delete immediately.
  • "That's from noon to 2pm. Then on Wednesday there's a shark documentary on the Nature Channel that I absolutely must not miss!"
  • "We all know that we shouldn't leave our computers on standby and that we shouldn't print out e-mails and documents unless absolutely necessary."
  • "Absolutely horrifying!"
  • "Giuseppe knows how to get in touch with me if absolutely necessary."
  • "Kiwi : Absolutely."
  • "Baby number 3 : I am feeling absolutely stupendous, old chap!"
  • "If you are absolutely furious with a Delavigne product, press 3."

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