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actually: eigentlich, wirklich, tatsächlich, im Grunde genommen
Beachten Sie: Actually bedeutet auf Deutsch nicht "aktuell" (currently).

Despite his size, he was actually a very good athlete. Trotz seiner Größe war er wirklich ein sehr guter Sportler.
It's a very sunny day, but it's actually very cold. Es ist ein sehr sonniger Tag, aber tatsächlich ist es sehr kalt.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I actually prefer fruit to chocolate.
US: Although he imitates the British accent perfectly, he's actually an American.


  • "Actually I'm expecting twins!"
  • "Susie : It's more like what he wasn't doing actually."
  • "Brian : Um, well um… actually I do have quite a slight preference for…"
  • "Susie : I'm not sure, actually."
  • "Philip : Actually we're in Paris to find our friends."
  • "Two of them actually came to greet me at the airport: a tour guide and a translator."
  • "At the hotel room, well, I did actually receive an important phone call, otherwise I would have happily made love to her."
  • "That's actually why I came back here to London, to get the unconditional love and support of my loving family."
  • "Susie : I'm actually just CEO until Bruno comes back, but thank you."

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