Agree to

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to agree to (a new contract): (einem neuen Vertrag) zustimmen
Bruno will never agree to work with Kalvin Krime. Bruno wird niemals zustimmen, mit Kalvin Krime zu arbeiten.


  • "Brent : I don't agree to that."
  • "Hogwash has expressed an interest in the project, though we will of course have to agree to terms. This is where you come in!"
  • "Bruno : Brian "the butcher" Jones, you've agreed to fight in the Shaolin-Miagi hybrid style."
  • "I'm pleased to inform you that has agreed to your proposal and we would like to place an order"
  • "I, Horatio Oléré, agree to the following."
  • "Kevin : Well, we have to agree to a contract first!"
  • "Bruno : But I didn't agree to anything!"
  • "And besides, when Michelangelo agreed to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel for Pope Julius the second did it harm his reputation?"
  • "Philip : Hannah, did you agree to anything?"
  • "Dr. Donovan has agreed to become our new staff psychologist."

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