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an animal: ein Tier


  • "a 'barbie' is a barbecue – or for you and me, 'burning animals on the fire'."
  • "A wonderful, noble man who also helps sick animals."
  • "I'm not some laboratory animal, to be studied by doctors or veterinarians."
  • "Embarrassed zoo employees say that killing such 'problem animals' is standard procedure, and reported that Shoshana will be given a lethal injection in a private ceremony attended by only a veterinarian and a priest."
  • "They drink lots of beer, they love barbecues, and they have many beautiful animals."
  • "I've never seen so many animals!"
  • "I love animals."
  • "Owner : I can't give you a refund, but I can replace him with another animal."
  • "Susie : It's also an animal rights organization: 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals'."
  • "Customs Agent : Did you bring cheese, vegetables or animals into the country?"

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