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a (job) application: eine Bewerbung (um eine Stelle), ein Antrag
I filled out my application for a passport. Ich habe meinen Antrag auf einen Reisepass ausgefüllt.

an application (of the law): Anwendung/Durchführung (des/eines Gesetzes)
Application auch im Sinne von 'Anwendung':

During your internship, you will be able to put your training into application. Während deines Praktikums kannst du deine Kenntnisse in der Praxis anwenden.

Application kann auch ein 'Anstrich' (bei Farbe) bedeuten:

We need to wait for the paint to dry before putting on another application. Wir müssen warten bis die Farbe getrocknet ist, bevor wir einen weiteren Anstrich auftragen.

a(n) (job) applicant: ein(e) Bewerber(in) (für einen Posten)
Pronunciation examples
UK: My job application was successful - I start tomorrow!
US: This technology has many applications: for example, identity theft.
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  • "Poorly-written application e-mail + inappropriate joke about alcoholism = polite rejection."
  • "We make no guarantee that your application for refund will be accepted."
  • "That is absolutely NOT grounds for dismissing an application!"
  • "At my last job, I sent an application, and they didn't call me back for nine months."
  • "This application will give me a clearer idea when to organise my picnic!"
  • "We will not be able to consider your application any further."
  • "Caller : Why can't you just admit that you got my application, had a good laugh and then tossed it in the bin?"
  • "I've provided a link to an application that will help me select the best day for the picnic."
  • "Look, I'm no technophobe, I churn my butter and milk my cows like the rest of you, but would you care to explain to me why I need an application which creates ocean sounds from my phone while I sleep?"
  • "Trey : I assure you sir, all applications at Delavigne are carefully reviewed."

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