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an area: eine Gegend, ein Gebiet, ein Bereich, eine Fläche
in the San Francisco area in der Gegend von San Francisco
in the area in der Gegend, in dem Gebiet
That's not my area of expertise. Das ist nicht mein Fachgebiet.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Bruno lives in the most expensive area of San Francisco.
US: Genetics is a scientific area which interests me.


  • "The seats are in the 'Premium Orchestra' area, in row 8."
  • "My future plans are to leave the city as soon as possible, assume a new identity and start a new life in a murder-free area."
  • "Though you still show much difficulty respecting our "no touching" rule, you have demonstrated great progress in the following areas"
  • "On a lighter note, I was wondering if you could recommend some restaurants in the area."
  • "This meeting room is a communal area, sometimes used for internal meetings"
  • "Kiwi bloke : No, the area, the gay village."
  • "Well, I think the area you're looking for is the Castro District."
  • "We have intelligence that points to a single suspect: an Amazonian national named Horatio Oléré, living in the San Francisco area."
  • "As far as your tasks go, I require growth in the following areas"
  • "Well, we've canvassed the entire area, and spoken to several marine mammals."

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