As far as i know

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as far as (I know): soweit (ich weiß)
As far as I know, all my parking tickets have been paid. Soweit ich weiß, sind alle meine Strafzettel für falsches Parken bezahlt.
Anmerkung Der Ausdruck As far as I know kann auch ans Ende des Satzes gestellt werden: Horatio has no criminal record, as far as I know. (Horatio hat keine Vorstrafen, soweit ich weiß.)


  • "As far as dinner is concerned, if you are to pick the restaurant, I should tell you right away that I refuse to eat at cheap restaurants like McDonald's."
  • "As far as the numerous traffic violations incurred by Mr. Marron, I can only suggest that the vast societal and cultural differences between his native country (France) and ours played a significant part in his actions."
  • "Bruno : As far as I know, this is still my office and still my company!"
  • "Of course I am. As far as I know, you're already one of the highest paid employees in the corporation."

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