As well

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as well: auch, ebenso
We have that shirt in blue, and in green as well. Wir haben dieses Hemd in blau und auch in grün.


  • "I went ahead and did some research into your mother as well."
  • "And would you mind washing the windshield as well?"
  • "More importantly I've decided to make one of your dreams come true as well."
  • "Kevin : Well Mrs Lee, because your factory seems so versatile, I was wondering if you would be able to handle our cosmetic packaging as well."
  • "Philip seems very satisfied with his training, so now I urge each of you to pursue a training program which will be beneficial not only to you, but the company as well."
  • "Shannon : It sounds like you might need life insurance as well."
  • "Please keep in mind that Horatio enjoys the special status that comes with being a Delavigne Corp partner, as well one of the foremost perfumers in the world."
  • "Lawyer : I'm afraid that there's some bad news as well, Mr. Capone."
  • "We're thrilled as well Bruno."
  • "We need to do something about the volunteer test monkeys as well."

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