As you requested

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As I requested, (please send me the file): Wie bereits angefragt, (senden Sie mir bitte die Datei)

as requested: wie angefordert


  • "Today I became the meeting room, as you requested."
  • "The cost of the ticket has been charged to your expense account at the Delavigne Corporation, as you requested."
  • "As requested, I've done a bit of research on your father Stephen Moon, and it turns out that he is in fact a gold miner living in Fairbanks, Alaska."
  • "I'm pleased to tell you that your reservation for International Luxury Airways flight 339 non-stop from San Francisco to Jakarta has been confirmed for next Friday, July 30th, at 10:00 PM. Your ticket is in business class, as you requested."
  • "As you requested, I have set up a meeting between you and Mr. Feltchenheimer so that you can decide if he is a good match for us."
  • "The cost of the ticket has been charged to the Delavigne Corporation, as you requested."
  • "Next Tuesday at 3:30, as you requested."
  • "I checked our auto insurance as you requested."

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