At no extra charge

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at no (extra) charge (or cost): ohne (zusätzliche) Gebühren (oder Kosten)
Subscribe now, and receive this fabulous nail-clipper at no extra charge. Abonnieren Sie jetzt und Sie erhalten diesen wunderbaren Nagelklipser gratis.


  • "We've increased the voltage on our electric shock feature, we've pumped up the volume on our alarms and we've added infra-red capabilities to our video surveillance systems. Act now and we'll include at no extra cost, the ultimate canine insurance system: a live Rottweiler to complement the SSSS5000!"
  • "Act now and receive, at no extra charge, our Flint Westwood leather holster, made from 100% pure bison."
  • "Act now and receive, at no extra charge, our Flint Westwood leather holster."
  • "Not only am I going to guarantee your delivery for tomorrow by five, but I'm going to authorize a free upgrade for the Delavigne Corp from Gold status to our Super Ultimate Platinum. You'll be covered for the next 12 months at no extra charge."
  • "Coffee will also be available at no extra charge."
  • "A steering wheel is now included at no extra cost!"
  • "My podcasts can be downloaded weekly at no charge on the Daily Roast website."

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