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to attempt: versuchen
I attempted to persuade him to sign the contract. Ich habe versucht ihn zum Unterzeichnen des Vertrags zu überreden.

an attempt: ein Versuch
My latest attempt to contact the aliens was a success. Mein letzter Versuch, Kontakt mit den Außerirdischen aufzunehmen, war ein Erfolg.
to make an attempt einen Versuch machen

an attempted murder: ein Mordanschlag, ein Mordversuch
Pronunciation examples
UK: I attempted to open the cupboard, but my attempts failed.
US: The Pope was injured in an assassination attempt.


  • "Consequently, any attempts to mark my birthday with celebrations will NOT be well received!"
  • "His first attempts were quite successful."
  • "The British twins decided to get the group back together last month in a transparent attempt to make more money."
  • "Trial runs in towns with high obesity levels have shown that consumers are likely to avoid unhealthy products if they have a picture of an unhealthy body on them. As part of the new regulations, healthier food options will also feature a photo of a slim and sexy person, in an attempt to lure consumers towards these products."
  • "On New Year's day, a bear in Kuala Lumpur stole a golf cart and drove it into the aquarium, where it was caught attempting to mate with a two-ton bluefin tuna."
  • "In an attempt to teach you the value of money, you will receive $300 to last you to the end of the month."
  • "In an attempt to tackle the obesity epidemic, the British government today announced a new labelling system to be used on food."
  • "with your attempts at grammar"
  • "Joan Wayne attempted to scare the shark by firing at its dorsal fin, then challenged the shark to a duel, running into the water with pistols drawn."

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