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a barbecue (a "barbie"): ein Grillfest, ein Barbecue
Let's have a barbecue this weekend! Lasst uns am Wochenende grillen!

to barbecue (a steak): (ein Steak) grillen
We will barbecue burgers and hot dogs at the party. Wir werden auf der Party Frikadellen und heiße Würstchen grillen.

to throw (prawns) on the barbie (AUS): (Riesengarnelen) auf den Grill werfen
to throw something : (etwas) werfen


  • "a "barbie" is a barbecue – or for you and me, "burning animals on the fire"."
  • "The rest of the party looked on in horror before continuing with the barbecue."
  • "- a "barbie" (a barbecue, not a doll)"
  • "The party proceeded to barbecue multiple sausages and prawns on the beach, and consume moderate amounts of beer (300-400 cans)."
  • "A "barbie" is not a duel;"
  • "a "barbie" is a barbecue – or for you and me, "burning animals on the fire"."
  • "I think a barbie would be great idea!"
  • "And since the weather has been beautiful of late, I suggest a pool party or barbecue weekend."
  • "Sorry about the barbecue sauce on her wings."
  • "Sydney : I'll grab the barbie and my didgeridoo."

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