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be sure to (close the door): überzeugen Sie sich davon, versichern Sie sich (die Tür geschlossen zu haben)
Be sure to keep photocopies of the forms for your own records. Vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie Kopien der Formulare für Ihre eigenen Unterlagen behalten haben.

to be sure (of sthg): (über etw) sicher sein


  • "Just be sure that you're in your office between 2:30 and 3 PM this afternoon."
  • "'Money Like Runny Honey' readers love sick jokes like this - be sure to bring some to the interview!"
  • "I'd like to be sure that our fleet has insurance coverage for all eventualities, including acts of God."
  • "You must be sure to try the lobster for me."
  • "It was so loud, though, I couldn't be sure what he was saying exactly."
  • "Sales forecasts are forecasts, no one can be sure what will happen."
  • "Be sure to close all other applications before performing installation."
  • "Bethany : Be sure to send a certified letter with a return receipt."
  • "I also want to be sure that it is available whenever I need it."
  • "Bruno : That's fine, Leonard, just be sure to make an appointment next time, okay?"

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