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Übersetzung & Definition

a best seller: ein Bestseller

(a) best-selling (novel): (ein) Erfolgs-(Roman), ein Bestseller
This is one of our best-selling items. Dies ist einer unserer meistverkauften Artikel.

(this product is) a big seller: (dieses Produkt) ist ein Verkaufsschlager


  • "The best-selling author Kay C."
  • "It is Delavigne's biggest seller Down Under (in Australia), and has been among the most popular fragrances for men aged 25-40 until recently."
  • "We package this perfume as part of a collection of our best-selling fragrances from the past few years (possibly "Moulin Magic" and "Patchouli Junction") and form a "best-of" Delavigne perfume collection."
  • "A new book for children, debuts at #1 on the best seller list."
  • "Any good films, plays, operas, musicals, concerts, art exhibits, or best-selling books to recommend?"
  • "Are your friends reading best sellers, but you can't join in the fun?"
  • "It's our best-selling perfume."
  • "Delavigne Corp, already considered a maverick in the cosmetics industry for its staunch refusal to use animals in the testing of their products (aside from their controversial volunteer monkeys), hopes to promote ecological awareness among its long-time customers as well as take advantage of a new wave of environmental consciousness among consumers, brought to national attention by the recent bestseller "Global Warming: It's all your fault"."

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