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a body: ein Körper
a body of evidence Beweismaterial

Pronunciation examples
UK: I love to rub cocoa butter all over my body.
US: The bodies were found in an alley outside the club.
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  • "What should we do with the body?"
  • "Sorry about the body!"
  • "Your pale body has seen many hamburgers."
  • "Chakras are meridian points, the center of spiritual power in the human body."
  • "Although we haven't recovered their bodies, we now bury the things that Bruno Delavigne and Horatio Oléré loved best: Bruno's dog Stink, and Horatio's monkey Giuseppe."
  • "Brian : We know for a fact that barking was heard in the vicinity of the copy machine at 7.15 pm, just 3 minutes before Stink's body was discovered in the hallway!"
  • "Lawyer : Let's just put the body in this office."
  • "Get somebody to clean up this body, okay?"
  • "Good: Covers smell of bad body odour"
  • "Brazilian 1 Minute massage: Providing busy professionals with all the benefits of a full body massage in a fraction of the time!"

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