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Übersetzung & Definition

a bonus: ein Bonus, eine Zulage
Last year Edward bought an Aston Martin DB9 with his Christmas Bonus. Me, I bought a sofa. Letztes Jahr kaufte Edward einen Astin Martin DB9 mit seinem Weihnachtsgeld. Ich habe ein Sofa gekauft.


  • "Icarus : 4.63 times as much in fact, not counting your monthly bonuses."
  • "Being your special assistant is reward enough, so to receive a bonus for my work is very generous of you."
  • "On the other hand, we must sell the notion that this boxed set is a true collector's item: a bonus for loyal distributors of our products."
  • "Subject: RE: End-of-year bonus"
  • "Give bonuses to the entire staff."
  • "On behalf of the Delavigne Corporation I'm delighted to reward you with a substantial bonus and a magnum of Bordello Breeze perfume."
  • "Outside space would be a bonus."
  • "You can keep your current frequent flyer miles, and as a new customer with Loman's, you get a bonus 10 miles towards the airline of your choice."

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